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Tick tasks off your to-do list!

Set up a task and get instant delivery of anything you need at your doorstep.

Instant needs met in a jiffy!

Count on Genie to get your last-minute essentials delivered to you in no time.

Live-track with ease

Get updates at every stage from pick up to drop off, from the comfort of your home.

Baked a cake for your bestie? Send it across with Genie.

Send parcels and documents across the city with Genie.

Need laundry picked up or dropped off? Summon Genie.

Forgot your charger at home? Let Genie make the trip.

Send homemade meals to family & friends via Genie.

Get clothes altered without moving an inch, with Genie.

Pickup or Drop any item from anywhere in your city

No more last-minute runs! Let Genie run to stores near you.

Favourite restaurant too far? Let Genie go the extra mile.

Need medicines from the pharmacy? We prescribe Genie.

Ran out of ink? Send Genie on a run to the stationery store.

Got to buy a birthday or anniversary gift? Get it with Genie.

Forgot to buy an ingredient for your pasta? Use Genie.

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Prabal Muttoo


@swiggy_in you saved a patient’s life today. Thank you. Your Genie went to three different medical stores to ensure that a family member gets her medicines.👏🏼

Manjari Singh


@swiggy_in I wholeheartedly thank you for starting Swiggy Genie. My in-laws are covid positive and have been struggling to get medicines and have them home delivered in #lucknow. After a lot of struggle, we were able to find and deliver the medicines to their doorstep.

Hansal Mehta


Sleeping with a prayer of thanks for all the delivery guys from @swiggy_in. With an entire COVID positive house, all our medicines and essentials were purchased through Swiggy Genie. All of 10 days and continuing. God Bless their souls.

Swati Sachdeva


A known was #covidpositive & got his Chest X-ray done in North Delhi (near his home). Suddenly he became unwell & was shifted to a Gurgaon nursing home. Doctors wanted to see an X-ray. @swiggy_in Genie partner picked reports from lab n delivered to hospital. Awesome work 👍🏻Keep it up.

Shree Saudamini Das


I ordered something from @swiggy_in today and the delivery executive knocked softly on the door. I told him through the door to keep it aside and on asking why he didn't ring the bell, he said, 'I didn't want to disturb you if you had a meeting' ❤️

Hari Ram Narayanan


@swiggy_in Genie is a brilliant idea, and because of this, I am able to grant 'work from home' to my cook. Everday, your genie delivers the food she cooks at her home. This makes things safer for both me and the cook in these challenging times. Thank you very much!

Shivam Agnihotri


In this hour of need @swiggy_in, Genie is an angel! I have used them to send important medicine to my friends and family who are in isolation! @swiggy_in thank you 🙏🏼 @SwiggyCares



In case you're isolating and/or cannot go to the market to fetch something you need, @swiggy_in Genie can do it for you at a small cost. I used it during my #Covid_19 isolation to fetch medicines & fruits. Such a boon!

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